Spotlight: Trade Aid Croaking Frogs

 A certified fair trade product made by the good people at Y Development Co-Operation in Thailand, this beautifully carved wooden frog makes a delightful sound when you run it’s matching rod up its back.


Frog Musician, $30 from Trade Aid

I had loved these frogs for years, and would always play with them when I went to hang out in my local Trade Aid store (a habit that was devastating to my already thin student wallet at the time) but I could never justify buying one for myself . Several years on, however, as a young mother with actual spending money, I have found new life in these frogs yet.

With a young baby of 4 months who delights in loud sounds, I took her on an outing to Trade Aid to see if she would enjoy the croaks of these lovely toys. They were an instant win, and she enjoyed them more than the sounds of the rattles which she doesn’t yet have the motor skills to control. Nothing quite matched the bold sounds of these little beasts.

In the end, I chose to buy the bigger of the two sizes. There was a slightly smaller one for $25, but I felt that the larger one for $30 had a deeper croak so I deemed it worth paying the extra.

It’s been living in our lounge for two weeks now, and the little one (and myself) have yet to get sick of it. It is far more engaging than the alternative plastic toys, or the plushies with buttons reading “press here” that start to warble after a little too much loving. And as for myself, I quite like having what I consider a miniature sculpture on my desk where less artful toys would be banished out of sight and out of mind when not in use.

The frogs are available in New Zealand at Trade Aid in store or online at where they also have a link to the full details of Y Development Co-Operation Co. Ltd. and their standards.


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