Heifer International is an amazing organization that adheres to the “teach a man to fish” philosophy. Their charity organization aims to end world poverty and hunger through investing in people’s livelihoods by giving them animals like chickens, cows, llamas or even honeybees – and teaching them how to take care of them. But Heifer doesn’t stop there. They also invest in education and business start ups in order to really inject some stability into the lives of some of the poorest people on the planet.




They work in countries such as Zambia and India, and also with impoverished people within the United States where they were founded almost 70 years ago. They are extremely easy to donate to, with a selection of “gifts” that show you exactly what you will get for your money. Prices range from $20 for a flock of chicks or ducks to $1000 for a whole animal ark. Alternatively you can also donate as low as $10 for a share of an animal if you are scraping the penny jar, or you can give a custom amount to give where it is needed most.


Alternatively you can help fund a specific project which are generally larger scale.


Their ethos is based upon their 12 Cornerstones for Just and Sustainable Transformation: Passing On the Gift; Accountability; Sharing and Caring; Sustainability and Self-Reliance; Improved Animal Management; Nutrition and Income; Gender and Family Focus; Genuine Need and Justice; Improving the Environment; Full Participation; Training and Education; Spirituality. 

A full run down of their standards can be read here.

Heifer works with several other partner organizations including The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundtation, and Corporate Partners such as Starbucks which really helps them to make a big impact on the communities they work with as well as developing relationships of influence on the regional and national level.

And what is their impact? Over the years, Heifer has helped lift over 20.7 million families out of hunger and poverty, with a grand total of 105.1 million men, women and children.

Heifer International also got a recent substantial donation from the Nerdfighteria community – the followers of Hank and John Green – for John’s birthday. A collaborative effort raised enough money to donate 182 llamas in honour of the author and YouTube star’s big day.


John’s thank-you vlog is available here on YouTube.



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