I had heard of this brand in whispers before, and the hot-choco-fan that I am, when I finally saw it I had to buy it. I found this in the fair trade store in the corner of the Addington Coffee Co-Op cafe in Christchurch for $4 a bar, and was mightily impressed.

Bennetto Drinking Chocolate, $4 from Addington Coffee Co-Op

Bennetto Drinking Chocolate, $4 from Addington Coffee Co-Op

The bars themselves are beautifully crafted, and even the packaging is gorgeous and luxurious. Each bar consists of three sections of dark chocolate, and will make between 1-3 drinks depending on how strong you like it.

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Personally, I like my hot chocolate strong so I made it with all three sections, but my husband found it a bit too strong for him, so it really is each to his own. I made mine in a pot of heated milk on the stove, and I found it melted in smoothly without having too much oil rise to the surface as some other brands are prone to do. 

unnamed (5)

Bennetto Natural Foods actually a relatively new company, born out of the passion of Lucy Bennetto to bring in a new line of healthy and high quality dark chocolate products. The company has a strong set of business ethics and they believe that consumes want quality. They are committed to maintaining high standards for healthy foods, with no traces of white processed sugar, preservatives or artificial additives in any of their products. Everything is fair trade certified, and even their wrappers are eco friendly and printed with vegetable inks. 

Each year they also support a different charitable cause, the charity of 2014 being the Cystic Fibrosis Association of New Zealand. From each sale of a $4 bar of drinking chocolate, 5 cents is donated.

More details about this amazing company can be found here.

In the mean time, keep your eyes out for these delicious little treats at the following places in New Zealand:



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