This plain black tea is a staple in my pantry, as my general go-to ceylon for if somebody just wants “a cup of tea, nothing fancy.” It has a nice flavour and I prefer it over many of the equivalent brands – it isn’t a favourite by any means, but is my most common fall back that I always make sure I have a decent stash of.

Scarborough Fair Tea, 100pk $5.49 from Countdown

Scarborough Fair Tea, 100pk $5.49 from Countdown

To be honest I have a large variety of teas and other drinks in my cupboard, and ceylon in general is not my usual favourite, but I always make sure to have some in the house for when I need it. My mum will usually have a couple of cups of tea a day, so whenever she comes to visit I usually end up drinking it too.

When I was a poor student we had budget teabags, which put me off ceylon for quite a while, as they always tasted weak and watery no matter how long you let them brew. We would end up using so much sugar to cover the taste, I’m sure it would have made my dentist cringe. Since then, there have been a few black teas in particular that have redeemed ceylon for me, reminding me again of my childhood and my mother instead of student poverty. This is one of those teas.

Scarborough Fair Ceylon is made in Sri Lanka, a region famous for quality teas. It was also one of the first Fair Trade teas (certified by FLO standards) that I actually found available in the supermarket.



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