I scored these particular peppers on clearance from the Trade Aid warehouse, but always have a packet or two in the cupboard to add a little zing to my cooking. It’s great to have ingredients like this – which would be very difficult to grow locally – available from reputably ethical sources.

Trade Aid Whole Chillis, available for $2.99 at Trade Aid or selected grocery stores

Trade Aid Whole Chillis, available for $2.99 at Trade Aid or selected grocery stores

The chillis themselves pack a lot of flavour, with the real heat being in the seeds. They crumble apart in your fingers, and are easy to tear up and toss in your meal.


Trade Aid offers a large range of these spices, and are very keen to offer them in your local supermarkets – all they need to know is that the demand is there, so if you would like to see them closer to your home, just let the manager at your local supermarket know.

Trade Aid also has them available on their online store (click here) in both the little packs, and in bulk.

Trade Aid is a very reputable company whose fair trade standards exceed those of FLO (the Fair Trade Labeling Organization), and are open about who their producers are. They have regular updates from them, and independently check up on them to make sure they are up to standard. They also invite volunteers to visit their producers in person (if you’ve got the money and you want to go just ask them) and are one of the most transparent organizations I’ve dealt with.

I switched as many of my spices to fair trade equivalents a long time ago, as it’s a very affordable exchange, and I swear that little sprinkle of justice makes my meals taste better.


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